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Typical products Alcamo area

Alcamo is one of the major Sicilian centers for wine production. To Bianco d’Alcamo in 1972 was recognized the DOC, which has recently been extended to red, rosé and sparkling wines.

The city also boasts the production of fine extra virgin olive oil and melon “purceddu”, a variety from the rough green skin and oval, which has the characteristic of its shelf life.

Great also the production of sweets including ” I minni virgini “, pastes shaping breasts, stuffed with a cream called blancmange.
For connoisseurs and lovers of good wine and good food, the associations of wine roads promote alternative tourist routes, through which, the tourist can not only appreciate the wine and good cuisine of the region, rediscovering the ancient aromas and flavors of natural products, but also the splendid naturalistic landscape in which the manufacturing companies are located.


Among the savory dishes we include:
Caponata, Arancina, “Panelle”, stuffed dried tomatoes, Sfincione, “Muffuletti”; Pasta with sardines, spaghetti with“ Ammogghiu”, “Maccarruna cu sarsa”; “Bruciuluna”, Sausage with “cavuliceddi”, Eggplant Parmesan, Sardinian warbler.

Among the desserts we include:
“Minni virgins”, “Cassata”, “cannoli”, Cassatelle with ricotta, sfince of St. Joseph, Martorana fruit, cream “Biancumanciari”, “Pignulata”, “cuddureddi”.

Alcamo DOC

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